Abduction: International Book Covers

  • Abduction (Original US HC, 1994)

  • Abduction (US TPB, 1997)

  • Abduction (Japanese TPB, 2000)

  • Abduction (UK TPB, 1995)

  • Abduction (Spanish HC)

  • Abduction (German HC)

  • Abduction (German PB)

  • Abduction (Italian HC, 1995)

  • Abduction (Dutch TPB, 1995)

  • Abduction (Swedish HC, 1996)

  • Abduction (Finnish HC, 1997)

  • Abduction (Italian TPB, 1995)

A selection of cover art from editions of Abduction published worldwide. Of all the cover art, the Italian softcover and the Finnish hardcover are arguably the most innovative and stand the test of time. Other countries, including the US, were less creative. The blue light of the US edition is at least an accurate part of reported alien abduction experiences, though it is thought that Dr. Mack did not personally like the art or the title (his working title having been The Alien Abduction Syndrome). The cliche of an “open road” appears in three covers — an image connected to aliens via the poster for Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film Close Encounters (whose aliens, incidentally, were based on descriptions-from-life provided by researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek). Some credit is due the UK publisher, whose skyline (below a Photoshop lens flare) is at least a view from Cambridge MA. And it is noted with some amusement that the Italians, on their hardcover artwork (of a suited man being levitated), maintained their reputation as fashionable dressers by depicting that even while being abducted one can still be stylishly attired.